welcome to the website of
HCR Photography

I would like to invite you to take a look at the different pages.
I like to show what is possible and read about what is involved in taking a good photo.
I have also tried to describe the working method and my motivation as best as possible:

"People, the most beautiful and most photographed subject. People in all phases of their lives.
New friendships, pregnancies, something to celebrate, a new start in life or just because it's fun, moments that are meant to be captured."

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My mission...

Capturing ordinary, sometimes insecure, people in an image full of pride, self-confidence and joy, that's what I want to aim for. Making people shine, that is my mission as a photographer. Rewarding every assignment in a relaxed atmosphere, with the best solution and the best result, that is my challenge.
I also want to break the taboo around personal and intimate photography; everyone is beautiful and can be captured for now and later.
A photo only becomes truly beautiful, glamourous, playful, intimate or sexy if the person portrayed also feels that way.
Creating and capturing those moments is my specialty, I can prove it to you...